Buenos Aires / Argentina

Buenos Aires is a great city for walking. From La Boca to Palermo you may have amazing walks.

Before your Buenos Aires visit, watch out for Accidental spills AKA the “Mustard Scam” or “Bird Poop Scam in Buenos Aires. Mustard, ketchup, ice cream, bird poop, paint or any other substance that a stranger may “accidentally” spill on you…”keep your head in the game”. Yes, I know this sounds a little ridiculous, but it’s a common and innocent enough looking technique to trick you out of the wallet in your back pocket or your purse sitting down by your feet.

The mustard/ketchup/bird poop scam follows a simple procedure. This is a group effort in which someone, somewhere, is hiding with a liquid substance like mustard or something that resembles bird poop. As you walk past, thief #1 squirts said substance on you. A seemingly friendly passerby or couple (thief #2 and #3) comes to your aid by miraculously having a bottle of water, some napkins and some serious stain removal knowledge. In the midst of the laughter/panic/confusion due to the embarrassing stain and all of the rubbing and wiping (let’s keep it clean here) they pick pocket you, or the partner in crime comes past and swipes your bag. Sometimes, they even offer to take you around a corner where there might be a faucet to clean up with. Don’t go. If something all of a sudden spills or gets squirted on you you’re better off walking into the nearest restaurant and taking care of it yourself.

This is getting more and more common.  Read the rest in this blog.

Buenos Aires / Argentina

Are you a steak lover ? Great news ! Buenos Aires is famous with its cheap and delicious steaks. They call them “parrilla”.

Buenos Aires / Argentina

Buenos Aires has some problems with exchange rates. Rates are irregular. There are official rate and blue rate. An example to these rates; if official rate is like around 5 dollars and blue rate is around 9 dollars.

Do not under any circumstances change your dollars at the airport. Bring physical dollars or euros to exchange. Banks don’t exchange dollar or euro. You can only exchange your money with your passport and filling some documents in some certain authorized offices. This takes some time like 10 minutes. Once you exchanged them, you can only re-exchange that amount of money. Lets example it; you exchanged 100 dollars and got 800 Argentinian Pesoz. When you are leaving the country you can only exchange that amount (800 Argentinian Pesoz) back again and can get 100 dollar. Keep the receipts. If lost, good luck ! Also keep in mind that these offices are just in downtown. No exchange offices in airports. Briefly, we recommend you not to exchange more than you need. Otherwise you have to buy souvenirs to your friends.


Fake money is a fact in Buenos Aires. Be careful when you exchange money with taxi drivers. Watch this !