Great Barrier Reef / Australia

If you are nearsighted, it will be great if you can bring your prescription diving goggles. But if you forget to bring it, then don’t worry. Shops around the marina have probably prescription diving goggles. Just tell them before departing from the marina.


During November – May there is jellyfish risk. Their stings may cause death. Not that common but keep in mind that box jellyfish have caused more than 60 deaths in Australia in the past hundred year. 


It is important to obey the diving rules.

It’s recommended that you should wait at least 12 hours after a single dive, or 24 hours after multiple dives within the no-decompression limits before you travel to more than 300m (or 1,000 feet) above sea level. Bear in mind that driving over a mountain range would also put you over this suggested altitude limit. Reference:


Drinking alcohol before and during diving trips endangers not only yourself but your diving buddy.
Alcohol also cause dehydration which is considered to be one of the prime causes of decompression illness. While no alcohol is a good idea, if you are going to be drinking it’s probably best to follow the rules for drink driving – stay below 0.05%. For more details you may visit