Here is MY list that you should not miss when you arrive in Miami;

Day Activities;

1- Rent a cabrio Mustang or Camaro and drive to Key West. It takes full day to return. However road to Key West is not that amazing.

2- Bahamas is not that far from Miami. Check for tickets to Nassau or if possible outer islands of Bahamas.

Night Activities;

1- If you arrive late to the nightclubs, it is highly possible to be waited. Be early.

Miami / United States

Miami has minimum rainfall between November – April. Temperatures are great. If you are not a party animal and hate crowds, consider Spring Break in these months. Calendar is school depended and usually between February and April, but most of the schools’ break in March.

During Spring break time, you will see the party animals are hanging out in every corner. From South Beach to Cancun, Bahamas to the cruises heading all Caribbean islands.

South Beach is great to hang out during day and night. I recommend you to arrange your hotel around this area.

Miami / United States

If you are going to Key West, you can visit Southernmost point buoy. “90 Miles to Cuba / Southernmost point in the continental United States” is written on it and located in Key West, Florida, at the corner of South and Whitehead Streets. However Florida’s official southernmost point is Ballast Key, a privately owned island.

Have a look at cruises departing from Miami. You may get good deals and find yourself travelling to Bahamas, Jamaica and other Caribbean destinations. Check Expedia’s crusie website.

Miami / United States

Miami Beach is well known for it’s nightlife. But I guess waiting people in line for a long time is a tradition in Miami. Lines start getting long around midnight. You need to go earlier if you don’t want to wait in line.

Miami / United States

If you have enough days for Miami, travelling to Key West with a convertible sport car will you blow you away. This will cost you around 100 USD. I did this trip. It really worths. You need to wake up early and head to Key West as soon as possible. Round trip is 320 miles and takes around 7 hours.