Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

If you have a plan to go Rio, New Year Eve and Carnaval time are the best period to enjoy in Rio. 2.5 Million people wear white and gather at the beach for the New Year Eve. Copacabana beach is the main place where you need be. Prices are always high and reservations are already confirmed one year in advance. Ready to pay lots of money. 

Even the taxi prices are charged more comparing to the other months. You need to get special metro ticket for New Year Evening and no need to cry like me to the metro security. Shame on me :) At least I entered the metro for free :) When it comes to turn back to your hotel, taxi drivers triple the price as he has millions of customer waiting at the beach. 

Rio de Janeiro is known with its unique beaches. If you are looking for a hostel or hotel, we recommend Ipanema Beach rather than Copacabana. Even in the main beach road there are not much restaurants. Backstreets of Copacabana beach are really old and do not have much restaurants. Ipanema has more stylish resturants and places to settle down. Sunset also should be watched from Ipanema beach. 


Unfortunately, ocean is not that clean in Rio. Sometimes waves make swimming not easy. You may rent a surfboard and enjoy the waves. Don’t forget to rent a bike. Nice to go from one beach to the other. 

Hotels in Copacabana, Ipanema, Lebnon are quite expensive comparing to the other parts of Rio. You can exchange your money in the hotels as well. 

Viewing the city from Corcovado is must in Rio. Make sure you get your ticket earlier. You may also get your ticket there. But there will be always queue. No need to wait there. Add one hour for sunset issue. Otherwise you may not get in there where there is sunshine.

You need to be extremely careful in this city. It is still safe but leave your expensive belongings in your room or don’t show off in the public. Avoid walking on the streets alone at night. I have been to Rio twice and nothing happened. But four of my friends have been robbed (camera, phone stolen) in this city. 

Some of the nightclubs in Rio, you are supposed to carry the bill with you. Either a card or a paper. When you order a drink, they mark your paper/card. When you are leaving the nightclub, you have to give your card/paper and pay your bill.