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We are transforming the traditional way of traveling into a much more advantageous and enjoyable new generation travel concept.

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What is Facts and Cities ?

Facts and Cities is a social travel network that matches like-minded travelers and brings them together to socialize in daily real events. We collect travelers' experiences and share them with amazing videos in daily events. Even if you are traveling alone or with your friends, you may join our events to boost your travel plan with the experiences we have collected. Our goal is to make your itinerary magical.

Epic routes and accommodation

We stay with like-minded travelers in magnificent villas on the world's most exclusive routes (Bali, Cape Town, Mexico, Philippines, etc.) for prices starting from 20 USD per day.

Daily social events

Travel night talks, astrology nights, presentations about the hidden facts of cities, and many more events to discover new cultures. Every event means a new city and a new culture.

Shared economy services

Save money with our shared economy services (affordable travel equipment rental, shared VIP transfers, shared drivers / guides). Also save time for other featured services.

Like-minded travelers

You no longer have to travel alone. Every event is an opportunity to meet a new traveler. Travelers who want to use our like & match system find like-minded travel companions much faster.

How does Facts and Cities help?

Considers the interests of travel lovers, informs you about problematic tours and agencies, chooses price performance tours, finds problems in your travel plan and produces alternative plans, finds companions for your trip, and makes your trip more convenient with shared economy travel services. And these are just some of the services Facts and Cities offers.

  • Boost your travel plan

    No more blogging, tour and price research for days. Let us tell you about the cities you want to visit in a pleasant event that lasts for 1-2 hours, with magnificent videos. Let us create your travel plan according to your taste and budget.

  • Shared economy services

    Why spend thousands of dollars on a camera, GoPro or other travel product that you will only use once on your trip? Rent our shared travel products at prices of 50-100 TL per week, and keep thousands of Lira in your pocket. Support your budget!

  • Travel Experience Center

    We accumulate travel experiences. Our aim is to offer a magical travel plan that is free from problems. We analyze hundreds of videos and listen to the post-travel stories of thousands of travelers. We also share emerging experiences with new travelers. If you wish, you can participate in the current information flow about the country you are going to by joining Telegram groups.

  • No more staying in boring hotel rooms

    We bring like-minded travelers together with events. Matched travelers stay in gorgeous villas in cities like Bali and Cape Town, starting at $20 per day. We also make our trip unforgettable with amazing drone shots.

  • Solo travelers and epic routes

    Even if you are traveling alone or with your friends, you may join our events to boost your travel plan with the experiences we have collected. Our goal is to make your itinerary magical. We make difficult and epic routes easy.

  • Pleasent after work events

    Delightful travel chats, astrology nights, post-travel presentations by well-known travelers and boutique agencies, cinema and technology nights. We are waiting for you to join our pleasant events. Join us to socialize with great people.

Epic routes, accommodations and activities...

Let us make your trip magical with our handpicked routes, accommodations. Here are some magical moments of our dreams...

Want to get more details ?

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Our Events

Cape Town Event @ Kolektif House, Istanbul

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